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  • Winter Is coming!
    2017 Polar Cubs

    Polar Cubs is THE winter camp for Cub Scouts.

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  • 2017 College of Commissioner Service
    2017 College of Commissioner Service

    Current and practical training for commissions of all experience levels.

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  • It's Fall Day Camp 2017
    Fall Day Camp

    Fall Day Camp is a great introduction to Cub Scouting for new Scouts and a fun half day of adventure

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  • 2017 Million Dollar Day for Scouting
    Million Dollar Day

    Join us for an inspiring program

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  • 2017 Fall University of Scouting

    University of Scouting is one of the LARGEST one day supplemental training programs available

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  • 2017 Spooky-Ree
    2017 Spooky-Ree

    Get ready for a Spooky good time at Stearns this October.

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  • 2017 Popcorn Sale
    Popcorn Sale

    This fall’s popcorn sale looks to be the best ever from Trail’s End and Northern Star Council.

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