We're Open! Our Move to Base Camp

Offices in the Leadership Center

For the first time since two councils merged to form Northern Star, all of our operations will be based out of one building - the new Leadership Center located at Base Camp! Our staff and operations have officially moved there and are open for business.

Now Open!

We had a ribbon cutting ceremony on the morning of July 23, appropriately cut by two helpful Cub Scouts. See them below with our Scout Executive John Andrews. This was just a small preview of what's to come at our Grand Opening on September 15, which is open to the public and the entire Scouting community.

Find us at
6202 Bloomington Rd.
Fort Snelling, MN 55111

New Main Phone Line: 612-261-2300

Grand Opening Information

About the Leadership Center

Northern Star Scouting’s Base Camp is now the home to TWO fantastic facilities – the historic red brick TeamBuilding Center and the slate gray Leadership Center. Each building serves multiple purposes and needs within Scouting and our community. Let’s explore the campus!

The below links lead to "ready to print" documents that are easy to share and answer some of the most common questions people have about Northern Star Scouting moving to Base Camp and the Leadership Center.

Leadership Center Construction Progress and Photos

Get a glimpse of what the entire Base Camp campus is like once it's completed

An invite to the Grand Opening and letter from Bill Brody, Council President

Our address, phone numbers, and map of how to find us at Base Camp

Some cool new features of the leadership center!

The Campus

Visual image of the Base Camp campus

What's happening to the two current Scout Service Center buildings, in St. Paul and Golden Valley?

We are combining all operations into one location at Base Camp, primarily in the new Leadership Center, effective July 23. The St. Paul office has been sold. The Golden Valley office had been sold previously and two floors were being leased. That lease will expire.

What's happening to the two current Scout Shops in St. Paul and Golden Valley?

The St. Paul Scout Shop will be closed and replaced with a new Scout Shop in the Leadership Center at Base Camp. It will be bigger, more open, and we think a real benefit to shoppers.

The Golden Valley Scout Shop leased their location and the building owner has decided to not renew that lease. A lease has been negotiated for a Scout Shop location in Plymouth, MN. Remodeling will occur before opening for business. Please stay tuned for further information on timing.

There will be no changes for the other two locations (Mounds View and Burnsville).

Is your contact information changing?

Yes! Our new address will be 6202 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, MN (the same location as the historic building at Base Camp). Our primary phone number will be 612-261-2300. ALL staff phone numbers will also be changing, and many can be found in the Overview section of this page.

In addition, staff email addresses will be changing, slightly. Our new website and email addresses will be - shorter and easier to type! The current email addresses will continue to work for some time but it will be better to switch sooner than later.


Why are you moving?

For the first time since our two councils consolidated to form Northern Star in 2005, all of our staff will be in one location. That means quicker turn-around on many things, less shuffling of documentation, and a better ability to serve you. We'll also be the first council in the nation to operate completely from camp! Base Camp (including the Leadership Center) is a program location, where we expect lots of youth every day.

When are the current offices closing?

July 18, 2018 is the last day both of our current offices will be open. We have other important dates regarding the move on the Important Dates tab.

We're Open! Our Move to Base Camp

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