Get Excited for Summer Camp and See What's New in 2018

There so much to explore at camp. Why not start exploring now?

There are so many exciting things to do at Many Point and Tomahawk this summer, and now that our summer camp planning materials are online you can explore them all. Go to or to find a scavenger hunt to help you take a deep dive into the hundreds of opportunities that await you. A special prize for those that complete the scavenger hunt.

Many Point Resources Tomahawk Resources

Scavenger hunts will be live starting on February 1!

What's New This Year?

Many Point

  1. Better at camp communication
  2. Ten Chiefs showerhouse and Welcoming Wood lodge restroom updates
  3. Sportsman's Outpost continues growing
  4. Brand new Ice Berg
  5. New Flintlock Program Bundles
  6. Outdoor Skills revamp continues
  7. Revitalizing ITSO


  1. Schedule Change
  2. Buffet Style Dining
  3. Latrine Smell control initiative
  4. Troop Mentorship
  5. Expanded salad bar
  6. Voyageur Canoes
  7. Cowboy Action Shooting

How do I learn more?

Check our camp websites, social media, or our slideshow!

Get Excited for Summer Camp and See What's New in 2018

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