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Info from NSC Girls in Scouting Task Force

To: All Cub Scout Cub Masters and Cub Scout Committee Chairs RE: Early Start for Family Scouting Program (Girls in Scouting)

The BSA Northern Star Council Committee for Family Scouting (Girls in Scouting) has started meeting and is hard at work! There are many questions being asked that need to be addressed. Answers to these are being formulated and will be available to you as they get finalized.

Key things for all Cub Scout leaders

      1. The formal roll out of the Family Scouting Program will occur later this summer. This is a choice! Each pack decides if they want to be boys only, co-ed, or form an all girl pack.

Whether your pack wants to participate (or not) in this program will be designated by completing the Family Program Contract. Since some packs may choose not to participate, all packs need to complete and submit side one of the Family Program Contract. This will allow your decision to participate or not to show in the registration system new members access to find a pack!

      2. Your pack can be registering girls as an Early Adopter, if your paperwork is in by March 15th! (Last day Council will accept)

  •  To be able to register girls in Cub Scouts this spring, interested packs must fill out both pages of the Family-Pack- Program Contract and submit it to the council by March 1st. (Preferred submission date).

  •  The form is at date on it says to submit it in February – but is extended to March 1st.) You do not need any cubscout applications or commitments to join to submit the form.

    3. What to do:

    - Meet NOW with your pack committee to decide if your pack wants to include girls
    - Review the requirements for starting and decide if you meet them (see - Program contract form)
    - Get approval of your Chartered Partner Organization
    - Fill out both pages of the Family-Pack Program Contract and get signatures of your Committee Chair, Cub Master and Charter Partner.
    - Scan form and email to, your District Program Relations Executive and

    After your paperwork is submitted and you are notified by the council of approval you can start recruitment. Start looking now for additional leaders, and have them complete training!

    4. Who can join this spring?

    Girls currently in kindergarten thru 4th grade are eligible to register this spring. This allows them time to complete their Bob Cat award and attend summer camps. Cross over occurs as normal in late spring. Lions become Tigers, Tigers become Wolves, etc. Girls currently in 5th grade can enroll in 2019.

    More Information:

    For latest information go to Or contact Heidi Groven, hlgroven@gmail.comor call 952 221 9373 

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