2017 School Night for Scouting

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The most important element of the 2017 School Night for Scouting is to ensure that every eligible boy is extended an invitation to join Scouting. Our goal is to enroll prospective Lion Cub, Tiger Cub, Cub Scout and Webelos, into existing packs; to enlist parent participation as unit leaders and committee members; and to organize new units to serve youth in areas we are not currently serving.:

The statewide marketing message is: Join Cub Scouts on Tuesday, September 19 from 6-7 pm in all elementary schools. This will help ensure that every boy is invited to join Scouting. Promotion of your Pack and Cub Scouts is the key to a successful recruitment this year. Please contact your District Membership Chair and your District Executive if you need additional materials. Council staff are busy delivering flyers to schools and conducting boy talks where they can.

School Night for Scouting should be just that - registration night! Families do not need to be resold on why they should join. Simply register the youth and tell them when the parent orientation and first pack meeting is. The first parent orientation meeting and pack meeting should ideally be 7-10 days after September 19.

A Few Things You Can Do

  • Check out for recruitment information
  • Promote throughout your community to all churches, community centers, rec centers, etc. Canvas the community with yard-signs and posters promoting September 19.
  • Conduct a leadership assessment to verify returning volunteers for the fall and what leader positions need to be filled
  • Recruit a few people to assist at the school on September 19.
  • Have fun and provide a great program to new and returing youth in your Pack.

Every NEW Cub Scout will receive a FREE Superhero Frisbee and a T-shirt with a glow in the dark front!

There is also PACK recruitment recognition - packs who hit their recruitment goal for this fall will be invited to an event in recognition of their efforts. Details on this recognition are in the School Night for Scouting Playbook. This was covered in the SNFS trainings in April, if you missed a training, attend your May District Roundtable for your training.

What About Kids Who Don't Want to Join That Night?

You can register new Scouts ANYTIME! Just make sure that you bring their application in to one of our Scout Service Centers as you get them, to ensure that they are covered by insurance, can start earning their rank, and will start getting their Boys' Life magazine.

How To Join

Visit or visit any elementary school on September 19 from 6-7 p.m.

Meeting Activities

We've got some cool games and activities to make your meetings super.

Promo Materials

Your unit can get all sorts of great materials, such as wrist bands, traing cards, and stickers to hand out at parades or open houses. Contact your Program Resource Executive.

Learn More

Wondering what Cub Scouts is all about? Let us show you! Click below to watch a video and see some of what Cub Scouts will do at Summer Camp.

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2017 School Night for Scouting

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